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Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Since expanding to the United States in 1969, we’ve been an industry leader in tire technology and innovation across the globe

Since 1942, Nexen Tire Co. has maintained their commitment to provide quality products, exceptional service and unmatched value. In their 79 years in the industry, Nexen has undergone a rich history that includes being recognized in 1956 as the first Korean tire company, building one of the world’s largest and most advanced tire manufacturing facilities, and earning sales of more than $2 billion annually.

Nexen Tires is dedicated to their exploration of innovative technologies, their development of safe and eco-friendly products, and to helping individuals reach their destination safely while enjoying a smooth and pleasant ride.



As a maker of superior performance tires, BFGoodrich is proud to say that we’ve been passionately performance-driven since the start. For 150 years, our rich heritage of successful performance racing has helped ensure that your vehicle is ready for any challenge — at any time.

From the deserts of Baja to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, we’ve faced much adversity through the years in on- and off-road racing and it has taught us many important lessons about the way tires perform. Our engineers have applied these learnings to every product in every segment. So no matter what type of driving you’re after, you can rest assured that our tires are up to the task


Since starting their off-highway tire business back in 1987, Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT) has accumulated a sizeable product range of over 2,700 high-performance specialist tires. BKT has successfully focused on agricultural, construction and industrial segments in addition to earth-moving, port and mining, ATV, and gardening applications.

What began as a family-owned business has grown into a multinational company that retains advanced manufacturing technology and award-winning sustainability methods.


Bridgestone is a world leader in manufacturing a wide range of tires for every kind of vehicle, from karts to heavy construction. Not only does Bridgestone produce quality tires for all seasons and terrain types, but they are also known globally for their technology leadership and for producing a variety of other products. Such products include building and industrial materials, natural rubber, and industrial fibers and textiles.

With a strong commitment to community involvement, Bridgestone’s core values include teamwork, creative pioneering, informed decision-making, and decisive action.


Carlisle specialty tires offer a wide range of products suitable for lawn and garden use, ATV/UTV, construction, trailers/haulers, agriculture, industrial and more. Manufactured and sold by the Calstar Group, Carlisle engineers best-in-class tires for both work and adventures. No matter the task or project, Carlisle’s cutting-edge technology and performance will guarantee that your vehicle gets the job done.


Continental is a multinational company that manufactures safe, efficient, and performance-oriented tires for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers. As one of the prime leaders in tire technology and production, Continental provides a broad product range built to withstand a variety of conditions and applications.

Through continuous investment in research and development, Continental strives to deliver the safest, highest quality equipment in order to make mobility cleaner, safer, and more affordable for everyone.


Cooper Tire & Rubber Company began as an Ohio-based business in 1914, and since then has maintained a steady focus on making quality tires that will perform efficiently and last for thousands of miles. The company has an exceptional dedication to technology and even established the Global Technical Center (GTC) in 2014, a leading worldwide center of excellence for tire science, advanced technology and innovation.

Cooper believes that manufacturing a superior and inventive product is key to ensuring peace of mind whenever you’re on the road.


For 125 years, Uniroyal Tires has been a trusted part of the lives of millions of Americans and Canadians with a dependable line of products that encompass comfort and safety on the road, in any condition. From minivans to SUV’s to commercial tires, Uniroyal produces tires for all types of drivers, for any season.

Founded as the U.S. Rubber Company in 1892, Uniroyal has given its customers a reason to rely on their products for five generations.


With over 100 years in the industry, Yokohama is a world leader in the development of  innovative tire designs and technology, providing drivers with the best control possible while on the road. Yokohama was the first Japanese tire manufacturer to be certified in recognition of their quality-assurance tire company for design, development, manufacture installation, and vehicle-related services.

Yokohama also takes ongoing environmental sustainability initiatives, including their elimination of the use of CFCs and trichloroethane in the manufacturing process, and also switching from heavy oil to natural gas in order to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.


A part of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries company, Falken Tires first launched in Japan in 1983 and was introduced to the North American market two years later and in Europe in 1988. The company is renowned for their in-house branding and creative capabilities, delivering award-winning advertising and promotional efforts that actively support their dealer and retailer sales efforts. Falken manufactures tires for passenger cars as well as light and medium trucks.


In August 1945, the Toyo Tire & Rubber Co, Ltd. was established in Japan. Since then, the Toyo group of companies has established worldwide tire development, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and product marketing operations. Their commitment to innovation, quality, performance, and outstanding customer service has held strong over the last 75 years.

Toyo manufactures tires for passenger vehicles of all sizes and for all seasons, as well as commercial tires for medium to light trucks.


Founded over 115 years ago, The Firestone Tire Company promises to offer the highest quality and service in the industry. Not only are they committed to dependable, lasting products now, but they created an industry standard with their creation of the non-skid tread pattern in 1909. The Firestone brand ensures that your vehicle will reach any destination, through any forecast, and through all seasons.


General Tire has over 100 years of experience in the industry and as part of the Continental Tire Company. With their passenger and van tires, General Tire is your reliable source to endure every driving condition, from family vacations to everyday commuting. They also offer SUV and 4×4 drivers the durable tires that they need for every application.

General Tire offers reliable products for everyday life as well as year-long varying conditions.


Hercules Tires has been redefining value in the replacement tire industry for over 60 years by continually providing customers with performance, choices, and affordability. Their company delivers a combination of cutting-edge expertise and old-fashioned integrity, resulting in a better, smarter, more convenient tire buying experience for passenger cars, light trucks and SUV’s.


A part of the Hercules Tire and Rubber Company, Ironman manufactures a variety of quality tires at affordable prices. Ironman produces tires for touring/performance, CUV/SUV/light truck tires, winter weather, all-steel light truck, and commercial vehicles.


With over 60 years of experience, Kumho Tire is a high-performance company that promises premium tire quality and ongoing innovative technology. The company began in South Korea and has grown to become one of the largest tire manufacturers worldwide, with 8 factories. Kumho Tires provide the highest level of safety and performance that you need for your day-to-day mobility.


The Mastercraft Tires company offers a full-line of tires for a variety of vehicle types, including sports utility, minivans, trucks/pick-ups, and more. With over 100 years of experience, Mastercraft has built a foundation of trust, strong business relationships, and a stellar reputation that consistently marks them as “the professional’s choice.” Mastercraft is a brand owned and backed by the Cooper Tire company.


Maxxis Tires offers auto, light-truck, suv, winter, extreme off-road & trailer tires. The tire company was founded in 1967 in Taiwan and is an original equipment supplier (tires already on the vehicle when you purchase a new car) to Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi and Hyundai in Asia.


Michelin designs, manufactures and sells tires for all sorts of vehicles, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, construction, earth-moving, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks and motorcycles. They offer a complete range of innovative services and solutions to make mobility safer, more competent, and more environmentally friendly.

As the top-selling tire brand worldwide, Michelin is the leading tire technology group for every vehicle and has produced over 187 million tires since 1889.


Since 1942, Nexen Tire Co. has maintained their commitment to provide quality products, exceptional service and unmatched value. In their 79 years in the industry, Nexen has undergone a rich history that includes being recognized in 1956 as the first Korean tire company, building one of the world’s largest and most advanced tire manufacturing facilities, and earning sales of more than $2 billion annually.

Nexen Tires is dedicated to their exploration of innovative technologies, their development of safe and eco-friendly products, and to helping individuals reach their destination safely while enjoying a smooth and pleasant ride.


Sailun Tire engineers, designs, manufactures and supports a full line-up of impressive winter, all-season, off-road and ultra high-performance tires, as well as offering a broad range of popular sizes for cars, crossovers, pickup trucks and SUVs and commercial vehicles. Sailun Tire recognizes the value of premium quality products and industry leading tread life warranties.

With an in-depth understanding of consumer demands and a strong commitment to adhere to their three core values of quality, trust and support, Sailun Tires boasts the reliability drivers need.


Founded in Milan in 1872, Pirelli is a global brand renowned for their cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation that draws heavily from its Italian roots. Today, they have 19 production plants in 12 countries and a commercial presence in over 160, and are among the world’s major producers of tires and associated services. Pirelli is also the only company in the industry focused solely on the consumer tire market, which includes cars, motorcycles and bicycles.


Power King has been a leader in the medium/light truck, on/off highway, and trailer replacement tire market for over 50 years. A private label brand under the TBC Wholesale corporation, their guiding principles of performance, engineering, quality and value continue to drive their business in everything that they do.

Whether you’re on the highway, on the job or in the field, Power King offers the durable tires that you need at competitive prices.


RoadX manufactures high-performing truck tires, quality products, and exceptional customer support. With their superior product quality matching those of national brand competitors, RoadX is a clear representation of the cumulative efforts of their global team of tire engineers.

Aside from providing high-quality products, the RoadX tire company is highly committed to the sustainability of their brand, having introduced the SmartWay® program to help freight shippers, carriers, and logistics companies improve fuel-efficiency and save money


With more than 25 years in North America, GT Radial offers a complete line of tires for virtually every kind of passenger vehicle, from ultra high performance cars to luxury touring sedans and crossovers to SUV and light trucks.

Designed and developed with world class technology and quality, GT Radial tires are manufactured by Giti Tire, a leading global tire company serving consumers in over 130 countries around the world. In addition to seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across the globe, a new US plant began production in 2017.

ABOUT Goodyear

Goodyear’s devotion to continually learning and advancing tire technology means delivering benefits that matter to you. Whether you’re looking for sport performance tires, the versatile on-/off-road capabilities of all-terrain tires, all-season, summer, or winter tires, we can help you find the right Goodyear tire for your vehicle at The Tire Terminal in Mississauga, Ontario.


Dunlop passenger, sport, performance, and SUV tires blend a motorsports heritage with innovative technology. Browse our selection to find the style and performance you’re looking for.

Dunlop tires are manufactured by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.


Kelly offers hardworking, quality tires at unbeatable prices. The Kelly brand offers tires for your vehicle’s needs throughout the year with all-season tires for performance driving, all-terrain traction with highway grip, and ice and snow traction for driving in winter conditions.

Kelly believes in exceptional product quality and, most of all, in offering good deals on premium tires. Kelly tires are manufactured by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.

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