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Used Tires

need a quality used tire?

When it comes to new vs used, new tires have all of the advantages. They have full tread, are covered under a manufacturers warranty, and some also have road hazard warranties. Another important advantage is safety, grip, and piece of mind. While these are the ideal attributes, they come at a higher price, especially if you are purchasing a brand name. But for some, new tires isn’t always the best option if you’re tight on cash, selling your vehicle or turning in a lease.

Now of course there is the important safety factor when installing used tires. The lower tread depth won’t stop as fast and increase the probability of sliding on wet roads. There’s also some other considerations that should be considered

Our Tires are inspected for the following

  1. Date-Based on manufacturers recommendation, no tire is over 6 years old
  2. Wear-Ensure the tire is evenly worn across the tread face
  3. Tread Depth-There’s a minimum 4/32 tread depth
  4. Repairs-No more than 3 previous repairs with a properly installed tire patch and no plugs
  5. Overall-No dry rotting/cracking, chunks of tire missing, cords showing and tire bead is not missing any pieces so it will seal properly
Used Tire Inventory
Used Tires

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